Jake is running for Mayor of Saint Cloud, MN. His priorities are:

  1. Ensuring a Safe Community
  2. Supporting Good Roads and Infrastructure
  3. Enhancing Our Quality of Life

“I’m running for mayor to make us St. Cloud Proud. I want our residents, business owners, property owners, and anyone who chooses to live here to be proud of the community. That’s what my focus will be.”

Focusing on Local Issues that Matter

In a nation divided by politics at the state and national level, Jake focuses on local issues of relevancy to city government. He works to build consensus, develop relationships, and listen to all stakeholders involved with issues. That’s how to get things done.

Ensuring a Safe Community

  • Addressing public safety issues and concerns throughout our city.
  • Ensure adequately staffed and paid public safety professionals.
  • Continuing a multi-pronged approach that addresses mental health, drug addiction, and recidivism.

Supporting Good Roads and Infrastructure

  • Developing long-term strategies to fund our streets, sewers, and water systems.
  • Implementing those strategies to ensure long-term sustainability and affordability.
  • Adjusting zoning regulations and policies to reduce new home construction costs.

Enhancing Our Quality of Life

  • Develop a multi-year plan to improve the aesthetics of our city.
  • Improve our park system to a minimum set of standards and expectations – including signage and core features.
  • Overall, striving to create St. Cloud Proud in which all are proud to call St. Cloud home.

Civic Experience:

  • St. Cloud City Council Member – Ward 3 [Jan 2023 – Present]
  • St. Cloud Planning Commission [2009 – 2020]
  • St. Cloud Park & Recreation Advisory Board [2010 – 2020, 2023 – Present]
  • St. Cloud Area Planning Organization – Policy Board [2023 – Present]
  • Paramount Center for the Arts – Board of Directors (appointed) [2023 – Present]
  • St. Cloud Public Library Board – appointed [2023 – Present]

Email: jakeforstcloud@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jakeforstcloud